November 01, 2010 Aydınlı, Istanbul, Turkey

Back to the routine

by Christian , published on November 01, 2010

distance: 42.46km
duration: 6h 36min

Wake up early, shy away of getting up and try to find back to sleep. Wake up again two hours later, realize you really have to get up now to make use of the short daylight, knowing that it will take minimum 1.5 hours till the bike is packed and ready for leaving. Put on clothes, collect the stuff that's spread out in the tent and put it in the respective bags, move the bags out to the apsis, roll up the matress and stash the sleeping bag into the compression bag. Move everything out of the tent, including yourself. Take down the tent, let it dry a bit if it's possible, roll it up and put it in the packsack. Mount all the bags and the camera on the bike, check if nothing was left behind and start to move into the day.

Same thing in reverse order in the evening, including finding a campspot, preparing food, showering(incl. cooking water), sorting photos, and writing a report(If not too lazy/tired).
Luckily i had a chainlock to replace the broken piece, so i didn't have to replace the whole chain
That's my daily routine and i just got back into it(And i'm even back to pasta with tuna-tomato-sugo, which i didn't eat since Serbia).